Are you searching for new buyers? Building a brand? Growing a business?

It’s time for I Think I Need Marketing. A comprehensive resource anyone in business will find useful, regardless of industry, location, or size, I Think I Need Marketing pulls the curtain back on one of the business world’s most confusing yet necessary components: marketing. Author Bonnie Taylor’s easily understood narrative and common sense approach foregoes budget-wasting gimmicks and instead focuses on the steps and tools needed to build a successful—and profitable—marketing program.

By breaking marketing into easily grasped nuts and bolts supported by full color illustrations and real-world examples, I Think I Need Marketing leads readers through the process of creating a custom program destined for business growth. Enhanced with helpful tips and definitions, I Think I Need Marketing demystifies marketing with an accessible narrative about:

Marketing Strategy


Creating an actionable marketing strategy that achieves business goals. Learn what fuels the brains behind your marketing program, including auditing your program, developing a buyer profile, creating a marketing mix, and setting up your calendar.

Brands & Branding


Developing a winning brand and branding throughout a business. Branding is your business’s public image. Learn about branding’s components and how to implement it throughout your business.

Create A Marketing Mix


Choosing the right mix from traditional and digital marketing options. Communicating your message to the right buyer takes a carefully crafted mix of marketing efforts.

Setting Budgets

Setting Budgets

Setting budgets and saving money in marketing. How much should you spend at what stage in your business?

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Research is an integral component of any successful marketing program. This book explores the various marketing research types and how to choose the right research for your unique need.

Hiring Consultants

Hiring / Working With Consultants & Suppliers

Hiring and successfully working with outside consultants. Learn how to choose the right consultant or supplier for your business and how to make maintain a productive relationship.

Evaluating Results


Using research effectively and efficiently. Learn how to answer questions such as, “How effective was your marketing effort?”, “Did you see results and business profit?”, “How can you determine success?”

Prepping for Success

Prepping for Success

Marketing’s ultimate goal is business growth, but not everyone is ready for success. Are you?